AT OIL is a new-age lubricant brand that is a revolution in the lubricants industry.  Dealers are an integral part of our operations. The dealer functions as the link between distributors and the users. Dealer shops will be established and will deal in the supply of products within specific geographical regions. The regions will be decided prior and hence this will be an innovative and successful business idea in the future of the oil industry.

The Earn and Learn initiative empowers students and gives them a great opportunity to work while they are studying. These students will be trained in valuable skills, such as sales and marketing, and will be a key part of the dealer shops. Dealers stand to benefit from the vast network and expertise of AT OIL.

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Dealer includes the following steps

  • Register with AT OIL
  • Be a part of an oil syndicate established in a marked geographical area
  • Establish your own AT OIL authorized dealer shop
  • Promote the order and supply chain
  • Manage students enrolled in the Earn and Learn initiative
  • Form the key link between distribution and sales

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